an image of a passion fruit open

Taiwan in Food

We were travelling in Taiwan from July 13, 2017-August 05, 2017. The food in Taiwan was not only delicious and diverse, but also super affordable...

An underwater photo of a clownish emerging from an anenamie

Snorkeling in Taiwan

This is a compilation Katherine put together of some of our footage from snorkeling around Green Island and Kenting National Park in Taiwan.

A table with a grill and food

Korea in Food

This is all of the food and drink we encountered while spending a month in Korea in June-July of 2017. Obviously, some of it isn’t...

An image of some grey buildings in Seoul, Korea.

60 Seconds in Seoul

I may try and do a video like this in each capital we visit just because there is so much ot film and it’s so...

A glass of beer next to signs about beer written in Japanese

Beer in Japan

Japanese people appreciate craftsmanship in many forms. Perhaps most notably in the from of food and drinks like sake. However, there is a growing culture...