C.J. & Katherine 

DCIM100GOPROGOPR3034.JPG We have been traveling together since we first met. We have backpacked all over Central and South America, as well as the Caribbean. We have been backpacking all over Asia since May 2017, which is why I started this blog. We both graduated from Colorado State University and are happily married. We have a dog named Palo who misses us when we are gone. We are outdoorsy people who enjoy hiking, biking, and gardening. We love food whether that means trying every restaurant in a town or cooking a new recipe for ourselves. We used to own a food truck together where me made Argentine empanadas. Travelling as a couple is an amazing way to see the world because you soak up twice as much of the experience and then you always have somebody to share all of the memories with. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Disclaimer: All of the information you see on this site comes from my own personal travel experiences. I do not write about things I didn’t personally experience. Most all of those experiences have included my girlfriend, now wife. If I don’t describe something the way it was for you, that is because I had a different experience than you did. I am definitely not a travel expert and the main purpose of this blog is to document and share my experiences. Most of the advice I do give revolves around doing things on the cheap and getting off the beaten path. Ultimately, it is your own journey though and there really is no wrong way to travel. We are all just having fun. Safe travels,


A panoramic image of the leaves changing colors in Estes Park, Colorado
The place we call home