The Cost of Travel in Indonesia

The Cost of Travel in Indonesia

Indonesia is a really great place to travel on a budget. We spent a whole month traveling around Java and Bali and were pleasantly surprised at how affordable everything was. There are many great cities to spend time in in Indonesia. There is a great mix of history and culture and the people are super friendly and welcoming. A lot of people just go straight to Bali and call it good. However, I highly recommend visiting Java if you can. I wish we could have made it to even more places. One of the things I always want to know before I go somewhere is how much can I expect to spend. Everyone has a budget, whether they meticulously plan it out in a spreadsheet or just try to live within a certain means. I think it is helpful to know how much some key items cost when traveling to a new country. I am writing this post to highlight some of the spending we did while traveling around Indonesia to shine some light on what kind of money you can expect to spend if you are planing a trip on a budget.

A panoramic image of a mosque and plaza in Bandung, Indonesia


Because we are traveling as a couple, it is almost always cheaper for us to stay in private rooms than in hostels. There are plenty of budget hotel options in Indonesia that can be found by searching the typical hotel websites such as Agoda, and Most have the basics included such as wifi and AC, but many will even have private bathrooms, TV, and breakfast. The following images are of the various rooms we stayed in during a trip to Indonesia along with their price per night in US dollars.

An image of a hotel room in Indonesia
Jakarta (by airport) $30
An image of a hotel room in Indonesia
Jakarta $15
An image of a hotel room in Indonesia
Bandung $7
An image of a hotel room in Indonesia
Bandung $14
An image of a hotel room in Indonesia
Yogyakarta $10
An image of a hotel room in Indonesia
Yogyakarta $7
An image of a hotel room in Indonesia
Kuta $13
An image of a hotel room in Indonesia
Ubud $11
An image of a hotel room in Indonesia
Lovina $10
An image of a hotel room in Indonesia
Amed $10
An image of a hotel room in Indonesia
Gili Air $15






An image of a hotel room in Indonesia
Kuta $13










It is super cheap to get around Indonesia and there are a variety of options for getting to your destination. All of the larger cities have airports with quick and affordable flights to other parts of the country. There are trains connecting the tip of Java to cities all the way down to the bottom. There are great shuttle services for quick trips between cities too. There are plenty of taxis in every city as well as ride sharing services and city buses. A scooter can be rented for practically nothing and you can make your own way around a town. Boats and ferries take people between Bali and Lombok and some of the other islands as well. Here are a few of the costs we encountered while getting around Indonesia.

An image of a backpacker getting on a train in Indonesia
Train from Bandung to Yogyakarta: $15
An image of an airplane being boarded in Indonesia
Flight from Yogyakarta to Bali: $35
An image of a man on a scooter in Amed, Bali
24hr scooter rental in Bali: $6
An image of passengers on a boat in Bali
Fast boat + shuttle from Amed to Gili Air: $17
An image of a girl getting on an airplane in Indonesia
Flight from Bali to Jakarta: $50
An image of a shuttle bus in Jakarta, Indonesia
Shuttle bus from Jakarta to Bandung: $15
An image of a person using the Grabb app on an iphone
Grab is the cheapest of the ride sharing apps. Many short rides are under a dollar.
An image of a Blue Bir Group taxi in Jakarta, Indonesia
Blue Bird Group is the best taxi service. It is metered so you don’t get ripped off.  Rides around the city only cost a few bucks.

Food & Drink

It’s always great when a place that actually has good food is affordable. You can find great meals all over Indonesia for just a few dollars.

An image of an Indonesian dish
Gado Gado: $2
An image of a meal by the beach
Mie goreng $3
An image of grilled skewers
Sate ayam: $2.50
An image of a plate of fish and chips
Fish n’ chips: $4
An image of fried rice in Indonesia
Nasi goreng: $2
An image of a meatball soup dish in Indonesia
Bakso: $0.75
An image of a banana pancake breakfast in Bali, Indonesia
Free hotel breakfast
An image of a glass of Bintang beer
Bintang: $3 big bottle
An image of Indonesian food
Nasi goreng: $0.80
An image of Indonesian fried rice and tempeh
Nasi goreng: $2
An image of two cups of juice at a juice bar in Indonesia
Fresh juice: $0.70
An image of a pizza in Indonesia
Domino’s Pizza: $6 delivered
An image of an Indonesian chicken porridge dish
Bubur ayam: $1.30
An image of a meatball noodle bowl
Basko: $0.80
An image of a cup of fresh coconut juice in Indonesia
Coconut Juice: $0.50
An image of a vegetable and peanut sauce dish
Gado Gado: $2
An image of a fried chicken dish in Indonesia
Pork cutlet: $1
An image of a set meal in Indonesia
Jakarta food court meal: $1.50





An image of the museum in Jakarta
All the museums in Jakarta are $1-$2
An image of the national monument in Jakarta, Indonesia
Jakarta National Monument: See the museum below and go up in the tower for just $2
An image of a monkey in Ubud, Bali
Sacred Monkey Forest in Ubud: $4
An image of the ancient Borobudur temple in Indonesia
Bordobudur temple complex in Yogyakarta: $25
An image of the ancient Hindu temple Prambanan in Indonesia
Prambanan Hindu Temple: $25
An image of a couple standing in front of a cave in Bali
Elephant Cave Ubud: $2




















Traveling in Indonesia is extremely affordable and fun. The country is wide open to backpackers and adventure travelers with so much to see and do. A month wasn’t near enough time for us, but I sincerely hope that future visitors have as much fun as we did. If you have any questions for me about traveling in Indonesia feel free to visit the contact page and shoot us a message. Other wise make sure and checkout some of our other posts below on travel in Indonesia before you go!

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