Dominican Republic

A world map with the Dominican Republic highlighted

Traveling in the Dominican Republic

We decided to visit this island to pay my sister a visit who had taken a teaching job in the DR and had been living there for about a year at this point. We flew into Santo Domingo and spent a day and a night walking around the artsy streets in the central part of town. We then took a bus (gwa gwa) to Las Terrenas, where my sister lived and spent about 10 days in that area before crossing into Haiti for a few days and then coming back.

Las Terrenas is a beautiful little beach town with access to local, non-resort, beaches you can walk right up to. There are a lot of European (specifically French) expats living in the town, but aside from that, it remains unspoiled by tourism. There are no large resorts nearby and the nightlife is calm, but enjoyable. The most fun to be had is snorkeling right off the beach though. It’s not hard to find a snorkel and goggles to rent, buy, or borrow and you can walk right out to some pretty cool reef life from almost anywhere on the beach. The reef is mostly dead, but there are still lots of fish and other cool things to see.



The Cost of Travel in the Dominican Republic

A bank note from the Dominican Republic

  • Currency: Domincan Peso
  • Exchange Rate:  $1 US Dollar = $45 DMP
  • Accomodation
    • Hostels: $20-$30 USD (private room)
  • Food & Drink
    • Lunch/Dinner: $5-$10 USD
    • Beer: $1.50 USD
  • Beach: FREE

Tips for Traveling in the Dominican Republic

  • Be patient
  • Relax
  • Everything is negotiable

Things to do in the Dominican Republic

  • There is great food to be had at every restaurant. We opted to buy fish and shrimp fresh off of the fishermen on the beach and cook them ourselves most of the time. Many fishermen will set up camp with their catch in a cooler and sell you whatever you like out of it. The price of the fish may be negotiable, but if you have him de-scale and clean it, expect to pay extra.
  • Like everywhere else in the Caribbean, the mojito is the cocktail of choice and rum is the liqueur of choice. The cuba libre is another staple beverage.
  • Some of the finest cigars in the world come from the DR, so don’t miss out on visiting some of the shops and having a couple good smokes

Las Terrenas


We spent about 2 weeks in LT. My sister lived here for close to a year though. It’s a great little town that’s easily traversed by foot. There’s an awesome juice bar where they will juice anything you can think up for you. There are several good cigar shops in town too. Grab a bottle of rum and secure yourself a good spot on the beach for the day. Buy a coconut to drink from a local and have him make you a spoon to eat the meat out of it when you’re done. There are a lot of French expats running bakeries, making crepes, and doing other annoying French shit, but aside from that it is a pretty uniquely Dominican town.

*Tip: Look out for Lion Fish