Everything That’s Wrong With Thailand In One Week’s Worth Of News Headlines

This was a small experiment I did this past week. For 7 consecutive days I took screenshots of some of the more ridiculous headlines I saw on the ThaiVisa English news outlet and also the Phuket Gazette. They both report news all over Thailand and translate it into English. The headlines you see either depict bad news or are shocking in some other way, shape, or form. Sometimes it is merely the fact that they decided to report something in the first place that is more shocking than the actual news. By the end of the week, the image of the country that was depicted was….bleak…to say the least. Sex trade, murder, meth, endangered animal trafficking, and environmental destruction are all too common of themes. Most of the things that make headlines occur in the seedy underbelly of Thailand, which means Phuket or Pattaya, and frequently involved expats and tourists. I will say one more time that these headlines are from just one newspaper and cover the news of just one seemingly average week in Thailand. Needless to say that having been here for 1 month, none of this surprises me in the least.

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