2016 Belize


We chose to go to Belize based entirely off of the price of the plane ticket. Next to Cancun, it was the cheapest place to fly out of the country at the time. Belize turned out to be one of my favorite places I have ever been, though. The country is easily traversed by backpackers, it is decently affordable, the people are great, and there was plenty to keep us busy.

We landed in Belize City and took a cab straight from the airport to the docks, where we boarded a boat to go out to Caye Caulker, one of the country’s many small islands. It was about a 1 hr boat ride before we were there. We wanted to go to Caye Caulker first because that weekend was #LobsterFest2016. It did not disappoint.  The whole island was one big garlic butter soaked party from Friday to Sunday. DCIM100GOPRO

We booked a snorkeling trip with a local tour group and got to go out to the famous Belize Barrier Reef. It was by far some of the best snorkeling we had ever seen. They took us to a spot called Shark Ray Alley, where there were so many sting rays and reef sharks!

When we left Caye Caulker we spent about a week going from beach town to beach town. This trip was really about relaxing for us. We had worked hard that year. We stayed in Hopkins and Placencia before going to Dangriga. In Dangriga we took a boat out to stay on another Caye, called Tobacco Caye. This small island has about 25 permanent residents and only a few places to stay. It was a real life Gilligan’s island. You could walk around the whole island in about 5 minutes. Since the island was so far from the mainland, the reefs around it were full of life. We paid a local to use his snorkels and spent all day snorkeling and looking at rays and flounder. We were supposed to bring food, but we didn’t. So, we had nothing but sardines and rum the the whole first day. The next day we paid for a local lady to cook us dinner and then the next day the owner of the house we were staying in gave us some fish he caught. We left when we ran out of rum.


We went and stayed at the Jaguar Reserve close to Maya village and spent a day hiking the trails and then the next day we went tubing down the river. We were the only ones there which was cool, but also kind of unsettling for trails that big cats frequent. We didn’t see any jaguars, but we spotted some other cool wildlife.


For the final part of our trip, we wanted to go and see some ruins. We went to see Caracol ruins which are on the border with Guatamala. The tallest structure in the country is actually a temple built by native people. We went with a group that got over booked so we ended up getting to breakaway in our own van with only 3 other people and a tour guide so we got a really personalized and thorough tour. They provided lunch and a big jug of panty droppers (rum and pineapple juice) which I had to drink all by myself. IMG_0414