2010 Europe

I don’t really have any travel advice for Europe just yet, so I haven’t written about traveling here elsewhere on this site. My father used to travel to Europe every year for his business and he always told my sister and I that when we graduated high school, we could each go on a trip with him over there. So I was 18 years old when I went and, while I will remember it forever, I definitely didn’t appreciate travel and culture as much as I would later on in life. I had a magnificent time though, and I would definitely attribute this trip to turning me into a beer lover and bringing my father and I closer together.

Belgium (Brussels & Antwerpen) 

We based ourselves out of Antwerp because that is where my dad did most of his business. Europeans are always curious why I was in Antwerp when I tell them that I have been there. It was really an amazing place though. I felt like I got a great taste of Belgium from staying there. Brussels was of course the full effect of the country. We spent a lot of our time drinking Kwäk and Hoegaarden in the pubs, waiting for the rain to stop. I liked eating waffles and listening to people speak flemish a lot.


I was young and obviously very excited about the weed because Colorado had not yet legalized recreational marijuana. After visiting some coffeeshop hash bars, we were inspired to explore practically the whole city on foot (we were lost.) We toured the Heineken factory and visited the Van Gogh museum too. The city is beautiful and the canals are super cool. They make a grid for boat traffic that looks just like streets all over the city.


London was great and did not disappoint. Of course we rode a big red double decker bus around town. Of course we went on the ferris wheel and rode in black cabs. Yes, we got fish and chips and had several pints at a pub. What did you expect? We hung out in Picadeli square and went to Buckingham palace and watched the changing of the guards. I think we spent our short time there quite wisely. I would love to go back and visit other parts of England someday.