2011 & 2014 Mexico

The first trip we made to Mexico was in 2011. We went to visit my sister, who was attending university in a town called Queretaro. She knew lots of locals our age and we were able to get a true Mexican university experience going to the various restaurants, bars, and clubs in her town.


We visited some outlying towns to go on some cool hikes and visit a vinyard.


We drove to Mexico city with a friend and stayed with his grandparents. We walked around the city and went to some museums during the day, while going out on the town at night. We went to a house party in the heart of the city and got proper shitfaced. Mexicans get after it, but we all already knew that. I remember passing out drunk and waking up the next MORNING and on our way out, there were still people coming in with 30 racks of Tecate, ready to rage.



We visited the world famous Teotihuacan ruins just outside of Mexico city. I would say this experience closely rivals Machu Picchu as far as crazy ancient ruins.

We visited Mexico again in 2014 for our honeymoon. Usually it is kind of a cliche for Americans to honeymoon in Cancun, because it is often the one and only time any of them ever get out of the country. I accept the scrutiny, but we had just returned from 7 months of backpacking in South America and the Caribbean and we didn’t want to go far. All we wanted was one last week on the beach before we settled into our jobs and I started going back to university. We stayed at Playa del Carmen and it was everything you would expect. We were drunk THE WHOLE TIME, and stuffed our faces at the buffet and laid on the beach ALL DAY. We did go out on a snorkeling boat once though, and I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of reef life. The coral was dead, obviously, but there was still a lot of life down there. Even in the resort areas you cant escape the great culture of Mexico though, and it reminded me of how much I would like to go back and see the whole country.